Blubberlove Fatticorn Lovey Sling



Blubberlove Fatticorn is a collaborative effort by the fat folks of the Facebook group Big Babywearing to celebrate and support fatness in all forms. This design features some of your favorite large animals: humpback whales, narwhals, sharks, and beluga whales on a blue gradient woven onto a black weft. Hearts and waves surround these lovable fatties in 100% cotton softness.  By purchasing this design you are proudly displaying your support for fat people!


Blubblerlove Fatticorn is a pattern designed by Rakel Fairfull and Kelly Lenza.

Hands free for when your little one needs to be!

Spread the baby slinging love to the next generation! Our children love being just like us, and now they can carry everything they love in a Smitten Lovey Carrier that looks just like your favorite Smitten carrier!  These slings are 100% hand-sewn in Texas out of the same awesome fabric our baby carriers are made from!


  • Width ~ 12inches
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Rings - Sling Rings (one blue and one black ring)
  • Reversible


  • Size 37 - Length - 37 inches  - appropriate for ages 2-3
  • Size 40 - Length - 40 inches - apppropriate for ages 3-4
  • Size 45 - Length - 45 inches - appropriate for ages 4-8
  • Please measure your child in a sash fashion to get the closest fit. Always allow a few extra inches for if their lovey is oversized :)
  • Permissible measurement error ~ 1-2 inches

Care Instructions:

  • machine wash cold with mild detergent. 
  • No bleach, No fabric softener
  • Tumble dry low and put a sock over the rings to protect your dryer. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION- Placement and color may vary from photos. 

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