Team Smitten Roll Call

Matt, Rachel, Stella, and baby Finn at your service!  

Our Sleep Deprived Family (November 2015) 

Almost two years ago we started 5 Minute Recess as a way to fund our daughter's education savings (2x now thanks to Finn!). It has been a fantastic journey - far exceeding our meager expectations!  We have shipped carriers to thousands of customers, and live for the absolutely awesome feedback we receive.

When we're not shipping, we're thinking about babywearing and breakfast food.  Over pancakes, Rachel had an idea... She had recently backed the Bluelace Project on Kickstarter (we have enough blue laces for 10 years) and thought it would be amazing if we could further their call to action.  While there were some US based babywearing brands, most were produced in part outside the US, or commanded boutique prices.  Smitten was born.  

It ended up being a lot more difficult than we imagined (It's just fabric right?!).  We sourced US contract weavers, finishers, box suppliers, brochure and sticker printers, warning label manufactures... the list goes on.  It takes a surprisingly large number of suppliers to create a Smitten!

Today we've launched the brand with our initial designs, but know the follow-ups are already being woven.  Rachel never stops dreaming up innovative projects, and we can't wait to share them with you!

Matt & Rachel 

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