Lisa Laurasia Review Time!

October 16, 2017

Lisa Laurasia Review Time!

Brand New Smitten release - Lisa Laurasia!

Author: Diamond Redden


Lisa is named after a micro-paleontologist named Dr. Lisa White. She not only loves fossils and prehistoric beasts, but she is also highly involved in developing education outreach in the California region! Dr. White dedicated her early career to reconstructing ancient ocean patterns based on microfossils. But while a professor at San Francisco State University, she expanded her focus to science education and outreach for the city’s underserved minorities.

Laurasia is the supercontinent that consists of North America, Greenland, Europe, and all of Asia except India.


This weekend my family had the joy of trying the newest Lisa Laurasia ringsling. First thing I felt was COMFORT! The fabric is soft and moldable so the pleats weren’t digging into my shoulders at all. It wrapped and melted into my body like my favorite comfy blanket. I usually don’t like ringslings because I feel all the weight in my shoulders but with Lisa Laurasia, I felt like all the weight was distributed evenly.


Lisa laurasia is a beautiful print perfect for those who are lovers of all things Dinosaurs. My 4 year old absolutely LOVED the dinosaurs. She loved to draw and recreate the print. It’s deep purple is perfect for those with babies and toddlers who are drawn to making a mess on lighter colors. I didn’t even get to the fabric make up. It’s 100% cotton. That means it’s really simple to secure the Rings, toss in the wash, and air dry. Baby items get icky, dirty and messy.


The ease of cleaning this ringsling is MIND BLOWING! With a GSM of 290 means it’s not too thick where it makes it hard to adjust and a perfect option for those who need and enjoy a nice airy wrap. My husband tried out this wrap on a 90 degree summer day (he also runs hot!) and thoroughly enjoyed it. He was able to get enough air in where it didn’t make him or baby overheat.


While I’m not usually a lover of ringslings, Lisa Laurasia has me sold. To try out Lisa Laurasia for yourself and post your review in the comments!

Diamond Redden

Diamond is amazing asset to the natural parenting community by not only creating The Babywearers Of Newark but also by assisting with World on My Shoulders and Attached. Diamond is a writer, crafter, and planner. Her days are filled with taking silly images of her daughter, scrolling Facebook and browsing target. She can be found on instagram @blackmagicalmermaid