An Ode to Coffee and Smitten Mugs!

May 25, 2017

An Ode to Coffee and Smitten Mugs!


Let’s just get right down to it-- I love coffee. We can be friends if you don’t like coffee (more coffee for me) but you will need to be okay with my caffeinated musings on the subject and strong opinions on just makes a good cuppa’ joe good. Coffee isn’t just about the actual coffee, it is an experience and something that cannot be rushed. It is in a sense an art form and the part of my day where I can reflect on the hours I have spent crunching data, keep tiny humans alive, not flipping that guy off in traffic who totally and rudely cut me off and generally practicing some good ole self-care. Making coffee and enjoying it hot is as close to a spa retreat as I get these days and I cherish those few precious minutes.

Caitlin Ettenborough Smug Life Coffee Mug

To get myself in the right mind set requires a few things; first determining a coffee blend: bight and crisp, or maybe something smoky and chocolatey, oohh what about a single origin which fruity undertones? After the choice of what to drink comes the difficult decision of which vessel to consume this elixir of goodness from. Now in the past this meant reaching for whatever clean mug (or mason jar) was available; now thanks to the babywearing think-tank known as Smitten, I have new and wonderful mugs to choose from! Queen Anne’s Revenge is perhaps one of my favorites with the repeating scrolls
and skulls and it’s a fun selfie bonus that my mug matches my woven wrap. I would like to think that Blackbeard would approve of my newly acquired treasure.

Smitten with Wovens Coffe Mugs Smug Life

In my world of coffee and coffee mugs I don’t believe in having just one favorite and really there is no wrong choice when it comes to these mugs. Vena cava begs to be filled with luxurious drinking chocolate and the brains mug I think will get claimed by my zombie loving 10 year old, who may or may not have just recently discovered microwave mug cakes. Admittedly, I am the one who told him and slipped him the idea of pink cake batter for the perfect brain dessert for one. Be it the sophisticated sip of Chantilly or the humorous Cephalabration these Smitten mugs make my coffee routine anything but routine. So go ahead world, throw me some curve balls at work and a vomiting baby and even long lines of traffic I have coffee in my Smitten mug waiting for me and nothing can ruin coffee and Smitten for me, nothing.

Which mug would you choose and what are you filling it with?


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Written by Caitlin Ettenborough 

Caitlin Ettenborough  Biography Image for Smitten with Wovens Blog

A lightly caffeinated, babywearing enthusiast with aspirations of changing the world through technology, selfies, and the power chocolate. Caitlin is among other things; a writer, advocate, self professed nerd and sometimes DIY magician.  

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